Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fire + No Sleep = Good Times

Okay, so I made you take a look. I just reeled you on in. No it wasn't what you might have thught ...unless, were you thinking of a birthday party at the Fire Museum of Memphis? I worked overnight on Wednesday, then came home, ran some errands & then picked Mr.B up from school to get ready for J's 5th birthday party at the museum. Barrett was so excited about the party, as he just enjoys playing with "J". I was starting to feel a bit fatigued by 3p, but the fun Barrett was having perked me up. I hated to leave early to pick Gus up at school, but NOT as much as Barrett hated to be the one leaving way too early. Boy, that incident would have made for great pictures...NOT! I would love to go back for another party.It was very kid-friendly & parent-friendly, as well as, helping us to gain a better understanding of our Memphis firemen heritage. Koodos to Lisa for all her efforts to a great party.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For all who Paid,,,We give " Thanks "

We hope everyone had a very blessed & restful Memorial Day. We had a bit of family day at the Pink Palace Museum just before I had to go to work for the night. Our Gus is such a ' bull in a china shop '. Thank goodness we did not go to Pottery Barn; you break it, you buy it. He is such a free-spirited child. My mom tells me it is "payback". I blame it on Derek's side-ha. I really can't, since they are such mild-mannered peeps. Barrett definitely feeds off of Derek's temperament. These guys really keep me on my toes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Come Sail Away with Me...

So the long wait is over...the " New " older door is ready for its reveal. Tada! The Nautical Blue seems to have won the votes. With my creative juices still flowing I decided to do the transformation on Friday.Gus decided to be my little painting apprentice. Didn't last long at all. But, he added for some great entertainment & cute pictures I may add. I may add a brass plate at the bottom, but not too sure just yet. Stay tuned. I love how we are the only, or of the few , to have a different color door. Although, it was a little funny when I was painting, I had our Hispanic neighbor across the street tell me how he loved it & if we were going to paint the brick as well. He really liked the color we gave the house. I smiled as I thought of the movie ' Fools Rush In ' when Matthew Perry came home to his cookie-cutter neighborhood & his home was changed with the vibrant new colors. We will not go that drastic & believe brick should NOT be painted. Isn't that the purpose of having brick? Anywho, I wish I had rested a bit more to prepare me for the hellacious weekend I had at work. Non-stop. I felt, at times, I need to cath myself because of time restraints. Ha. But, many of you know, we mommies can't relax too much. Instead of doing just that on Sunday after church, I took Barrett to see Night at the Museum:Battle of the Smithsonian. I laugh at how I try to carry my camera everywhere for my " blogging " moments, such as these. I laugh, because I tried to get Barrett's picture in front of the theatre.The sun was soooo bright he couldn't see, so I offered my sunglasses. My Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen big glasses. Ha. We had a great mommy-son time. He's such a sweet & very entertaining child. His little catchphrases are hilarious. The boys keep me smilin' & always on my toes.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Creative Juice please!

I have come to the conclusion that sleep is highly over-rated. After working my twelve-hour shift this morning I was completely wiped out. I laid down on our bed & I couldn't rest. I was too excited to begin our master bath's face-lift. Excited I tell you! I began taping off everything & clearing it to the bare bones. I think it had been since 2002 when we first had it painted & decorated that it had looked this empty. It seems so long ago when the ' Palm Tree ' theme was the theme. Seven years later, I think the ' Palm Tree ' has died.I wanted a fresh, simple yet elegant look to get ready to. Something that was ' grown-up '. I did my first wall & a huge wave of accomplishment came over me. I was so proud of myself for doing such a meticulous job at painting. I often feel as though I start out fine & caring where the brush is going, but towards the end I get so ready to finish & become lazy. Not this time. I was consistent in all efforts. Maybe that is why I began at around 8:30a & was finished at around 3:30p. I loved looking at my accomplishment. And the money we saved put an even bigger smile on my face. Derek had no clue as to the bathroom face-lift & I was so excited to share it with him. I truly think he thinks it's a winner. It should be a winner on costs alone! I purchased the paint & window treatment at Lowes & the accesories & signage & such at my fav...Hobby Lobby all for...drum roll paleez....$83!!! How do ya like them apples? Anywho the first few pictures are of the after & there is one little palm tree of before. It's your turn to jusdge now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If my door was a mood ring,would it be black or blue?

Okay, so I just cannot sit still for one day here at home. I seem to constantly have "projects"scattered about the house. Oddly enough, they get finished. Case in point. Derek & I went on a mini vacation to New Orleans few weeks ago. My parents were to stay at our home, as we know this is what the boys are familiar with & they cannot break anything of true value. I spent a couple weeks prior renovating parts of our home. I took off the ink pen that was used to portray a Van Gough by repainting his entire room. I touched-up every scuff mark, repainted every baseboard in sight & organized so well, it has still stuck around. So with this gorgeous weather I wanted to give our exterior a face lift. I had repainted the front door, but I wondered...'why must I continue with this monochromatic look?' It is definitely not my style anyway. So I have a couple of options, Blue or Black. I drove around our neighborhood & I love that we would be the first to change our door color. It is about time. We have only lived here for 7 years! So I like one color & Derek likes another. ( I won't tell who to what ) So I am at an em pass currently until I get enough insight as to what color. I did a few swatches this afternoon. I know the neighbors will wonder, because it looks so appealing-NOT! I'll just tell them what I told Derek,' Rather than putting blood on our door to cast away the 'Angel of Death' we now put black & blue.' I hope to know by Friday what color to do. Tomorrow when I get home from work it will be master bath time. I bought a completely different color & window treatments. I could literally live at Lowes. I even love the little $3.00 pints of sample colors I purchased for my test. It's the little things that make me happy. If anyone has a chance to look at the photos below, could ya give me a holla as to what to do??? Gotta run & get dinner ready,vacuum, play with the kidos & get myself presentable for this side thing I got job-Ha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh...That's Where You Work!!!???

So I was at our local primary care physician group this morning getting some lab work drawn. ( Nothing is wrong or anything , just having some diagnostics done ) Anywho, to give a little background of the last 30 hours...Couldn't sleep Sunday night & began working on, duh, this blog. So going to bed at 2ish was not the smartest. Woke up at 6:45a with pitter-patter of four curious feet making their way to my oh, so comfy king size bed & they found the shell of their "mommy" underneath her covers. I knew my rest was overthrown at that moment. We get up & begin our full day. Yadda,yadda,yadda I put Gus down for a nap at around 1:15p thinking of how sweet it will be to get a two-hour nap. Wait...this is the Orman household, right? Barrett finds a card of some sort with Elmo on it & being his generous self, he decides to give it to Gus. He knows how much Gus adores that lovable red animal. I thought it was sweet, but NOT waking Gus up at 2p sweet. OMG, are you kidding me. And now my nice mental rest of a nap would no longer be. I decided to make lemonade out of the lemmons I had just received. ( Figuratively, you know? ) So, we then organized some toys & I then got ready for work. These are the days I wish I went in later...much later. When I arrived at work, it was a typical Monday; busy, but not slammed. Not yet at least. Needless to say, Early on I was assigned a case, hurried up to wait, did that case, got a quick dinner break, went into another case,& after a hour of that case finished the night with another....yes case! You guys are so smart. Then, it gets better, begin getting Tuesday's cases ready! They really got their $4.25 an hour out of me last night-wink. The entire sad & depressing point: Knowing I could not have anything to eat or drink after midnight, except yummy water & black coffee. How appealing is that? I felt like I had had a B12 shot just thinking about water & black coffee. ( This is called irony or sarcasim. I learned that in English comp.001)So I arrive home, so wanting to dish getting the tests done, but knew if I didn't do it now, never would it be done. So I go for my 9a labs. Labs only I tell you. I wait in the large waiting room for about 20 minutes to then go to a smaller waiting room for about 15 minutes. The nurse greeted me in my 2nd area to take me beck to the lab. I could tell she knew I was beyond exhausted, but still asked " how are you this morning?" I stated "Boy, I can't wait to get to bed soon." " Did you just get off this morning?" She asked. I said" sure did, at around 6:45 this morning" " So where do you work?" she attempted to engage me; again. I said " Do you know where 3rd & Vance are?" puzzled, she steeped back and said "where on third & Vance?" I said with the straight face " that corner". We laughed & she was like a tick & drew some blood. Now Pa-lease, if I didn't have morals,ethics,religion, priorities & such I might give the street-trade a try. Uh,No! Don't think so. But it all made for some great conversation that kept me awake. Anywho, I think it is so much fun to just play lightly with people every now & then. Anywho, I am now going to lay down & hibernate for fall. I will try to get this whole "blogging thing " down soon. I hope you enjoy & if I made one person laugh today then that suits me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Testing 1-2-3..Is this mic on?

Okay, so I've been a long time follower of my blogging friends out there & have been tempted time after time to do so. Well gals...TA DA!!! You can finally count me in. That's it, I'm throwing in the ole blogging towel. Check please! Yada,Yada,Yada.Wokka,wokka,wokka. First & foremost, in high school I did poorly in English & in college I finished English Comp 001, however, English Comp 002 never saw the light of day. So no critiquing. Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. Now onto the show. Where does one start these things. I feel as though I'm at some audition for a movie or play; up on stage wearing my comfy jeans ( I refuse to tell size -evar ) & my plain white tee, with that blaring spotlight...boom...solely on me. Any hints as to what to do next? Okay, so I must research a bit & get back to ya. BTW, can you tell I really like commas? Anywho, just wanted to get my name & non-information-self out there to whomever is desperate enough to take time & read this. So ladies & gents, we'll be right back after this brief message.