Monday, June 29, 2009

The Finale

Thursday was my " Friday " & boy was I ready for it! I came home Friday to all of twenty minutes of sol ice, until I heard the patter of little boys just outside my door. We all got our bath & onto Lowes & Wally World we went. I was determined to finish this " Mistreatment " I feel as though I began over a year ago-Arggg! Do I do a single rod across or two shorter rods? I went with the first option, as it was the cheapest. We were home by ten o'clock & I was done by eleven. The boys were going down early for their nap at that point. My exhaustion was seeping throughout every vein in my body. I could feel a breakdown was imminent if I didn't act. Darn...I only got a little over an hour...double Arggg! So, we played a bit outside & I decided if I kept moving, it would keep me awake. I'm so smart-HA! So then onto Old Navy we went. That lasted only for a few minutes, because it seemed everyone got the memo on their $5 sale, well, we were kinda asked to leave. Not really, but Gus would not sit down in the cart & the manager came over three ( yes, three ) times asking for him to please stay seated. But, she was sweet enough to always end with " Oh, he's so cute". Sweet of her. I was so embarrassed. In my former life as a retail employee,I made such fun of mothers like myself. Payback is sweet! Derek finally came home & I was in bed by seven that night & slept until nine the next morning. Wow! Saturday was busy cleaning up the tornado that ripped through our home during this adjustment week while Derek went to Tunica to do the Q107 Pool Party at Harrahs Casino. NO! We do NOT endorse gambling, but if they pay my hubby to DJ, then so be it in my book. The boys went to bed,Derek was home late & I threw my back out somehow overnight. Who knew that sleeping fifteen hours would feel so awesome! I'm not sure, but I don't think I have slept that long since my college days. Wow! And now the new cycle starts again! It's a holiday week though this week-yeah!!! Can't wait for the pics. Anywho, I'm including the finale of my " Mistreatments " for your review,enjoyment or what have you. Happy Independent Week to all!

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